Research Cell

‘’17 the university system has to discharge adequately its responsibility to the entire education system and to the society as a whole, it must assume extension as the third important responsibility and give it the same status as research and teaching’’.

                                                                         ­- Policy Frame on Higher Education, UGC

In keeping with the above view and the objectives of any good teacher training institution college Name promotes various kind of research in education that involves both the faculty and the students. The main kinds of research in education promoted are:-

  • Action Research
  • Project – related Research

 Some of our Research programmes and activities are:-

  1. Research Guidance and motivation
    • ® The institution motivates the faculty and alumni, besides the present students to undertake research work leading to a doctoral degree.
    • ® The faculty also guides and advises the pre-primary, primary, secondary and higher secondary teachers of our practicing schools in the research projects that they undertake.
    • ® Teacher educators also guide and advise the student teachers in their Action Research projects, an essential part in the B. Ed. course of university.
  2. Educational Research Committee

 Since its inspection, college name has had a research committee. At present the committee comprises of the following members:-

  1. Rita Bisht (Principal)
  2. Reema Singh (member)
  3. Ritu Sharma (coordinator)
  4. Geeta Sharma (member)